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Charity Abseils

Would you like to be part of or organise an event that will give you a buzz of excitement?

charity-abseilA WOW factor that other people will look to and aspire to take part in order to help raise funds for a charity that’s close to your heart or good cause that’s needs much needed funding? Then why not consider taking part in a Charity Abseil!

To date Mountain Monkeys have ran over 250 Charity Abseil Events across the United Kingdom, helped over 20000 individuals rappel down the side of the tallest buildings, bridges, lighthouses, massive cliff faces the UK has to offer. We work alongside all stakeholders from helping identify suitable venues based on the organiser’s requirements, to working with the owner’s health and safety officers to ensure that every abseil is ran smoothly and safely.

When booking Mountain Monkeys, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are utilising many years of experience of not only outdoor instructors or week in week out are lowering people off high rock faces, but also individuals who work in industrial rope access industry and structural design. Ensuring that every step has been taken and carefully thought of.

We provide 4 different options for a charity abseil: Open Charity Event AbseilBuilding Abseil or Natural Cliff Abseil. Also we are experts in NEW Venue Organsing of structures and buildings

Open Charity Event Abseils

Throughout the year we offer a number of Open Charity Event Abseils, taking part across the North West of England, and also looking at staging more in other areas of the country. These abseil events are ideal for individuals and small groups who would like to rasie funds for their own good causes without the large cost of large scale abseil event organisation. 

2019 Dates

16th March 2019; Peel Tower, Bury, Greater Manchester; In The DARK 18:30 until 20:30

16th June 2019 – Wirral, Leaslowe Lighthouse
25th August 2019 – Hodge Close, THE BIG Abseil 45m Abseil above water
29th September 2019 – Peel Tower

Cost £35.00pp

Charity Event Abseils from buildings

Abseiling from buildings has been taking part of a number of buildings and structures within most cities and towns across the UK. We use a number of buildings on a regular basis, which are open to groups approaching themselves with request to conduct abseils from their roof tops. Most Health and Safety mangers do not know what to expect and need from an organisation and provider, which is where Mountain Monkeys is able to make this as organised as possible as we know what they need, and to be reassured about.

Mountain Monkeys can provide a list of suitable known buildings that we have conducted abseils at from over the years or are known to have been used for this purpose. We can also come to your own building or a venue you have in mind, which we we will visit. After which put an action plan in place, agree timescales and running order of the event, manage expectations and try to maximise every opportunity for the charity and good cause to raise their profile and fundraise opportunity.

Please get in touch, if you would like Mountain Monkeys help you to organise a charity abseil.

Natural Cliff Charity Abseil

There are many rock cliffs around that UK that offer suitable locations to conduct Charity Abseils, that offer the opportunity of being Low Cost, Accessible, Quick Organisation Turnaround Times and also low impact on the environment. Natural abseils are often less financally expensive to run and organise as well, Mountain Monkeys has a number of excellent venues across the country, also helping make them unquire, such as down waterfalls, in the dark abseiling, very high rock cliff venues and others. 

Get in touch and see how we can help

New Venue – Structure or Building

Are you looking to host a charity abseil at an iconic or new building and structure in your area, then why not get in touch with us?

We have been the first company to organise a number of charity abseils from various different structures across the country, including hospitals, bridges, apartment blocks and carparks. Due to the experience and skills within our Team, we can provide a simple initial assessment based on photographers, before conducting a site visit to assess the suitability of venue. We can offer a number of options that can reassure all stake holders that an abseil at the venue will be fun, memorable, at no risk to the structure of the building and especially safe to all participants, spectators and general public.

Price: Initial assessments FREE,

Site visits £275.00

Cost per participant: dependant on visit.

Please get in touch if you would like Mountain Monkeys help you to organise a charity abseil.


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