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Wales - Snowdonia

The Snowdonia area is a fabulous place to visit to go walking and visit castles, but also to take part in a Mountain Monkeys Snowdonia Adventure Day.

We offer two options within the Llanberis area, click a title for more information

  • Llanberis Option 1

    adventure-day-overview-snowdonia-001Activity Summary – Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Open Canoeing or Kayaking

    A lovely day with fantastic views of Snowdon and surrounding area, your day will begin with a rock climbing and abseil session overlooking Llanberis Lake. This amazing location is brilliant in the summer months, amazing rock climbing and just simply a brilliant venue to use. During the session you will take part in a series of challenging climbs of various difficulty, before taking part in abseil bang opposite Snowdon and Llanberis village above the lake.

    In the afternoon, you will then go for a paddle on the lake in either kayak or open canoe, amongst the lagoons. Your instructor will teach you various paddle strokes as well as introduce fun exciting games.

  • Llanberis Option 2

    adventure-day-overview-snowdonia-002Activity Summary – Canoe or kayak, Bushcraft, paddle, cliff jump, paddle

    This option is set on the other side on Snowdon, at Llyn Gwaynant based just at the foot of Pen y Pass. You will set off along the lake in either open canoe or kayak, taking in the amazing scenery, learning paddle strokes and taking part in fun games. We will then take you to the far side of the lake to hold a bushcraft style lunch that will involve shelter building, fire lighting, and food preparation. Once you have eaten, it’s time to get back on the lake, and make our way to our cool cliff jumping spot. Progressive height gaining jumps, it's a thrilling experience not to be missed. After the fun and giggles you will then make your way back across the lake carrying on with more fun and action packed games.

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